Sewing Patches

Sewing Patches Services

Patches are labels, usually made of cloth and come in different shapes and sizes.  The most common patches come in square, rectangular, circular or oval shapes but can also come in other designs and shapes too.

In the past, patches were small, usually square or rectangular pieces of cloth that were used to cover up a rip or tear in a person’s clothing.  The patches kept the pair of pants or shirt last longer.  Nowadays, patches can serve other purposes from adding them as a fashion statement, or showcase the wearer’s name, rank, award, or which company or club they belong to. 

Many companies and places require certain patches to be attached to their members’ or employees’ clothing.  Sometimes people like to use patches for fun and have them attached to their coats, shirts, or uniforms to showcase something they like or are passionate about.  The most common places on clothing for patches are in the front of the uniform, coat or shirt, on the shoulder, or arm, however, this doesn’t mean patches can’t go on other places on your clothing. 

Here at Express Sewing, we provide sewing patches services.  Our work is professional and done in a timely manner.  You can rest assured that your patches will be sewn on well and will stay on your uniform/coat/shirt for a really long time.  Please note that we don’t actually make the patches or embroider them.  In fact, we do not provide any embroidery services.  If you have a uniform and the specific patch that needs to be sewn on, we can help. 

Military Patches

Whether you are in the Army, Air Force, Navy, or National Guard, Express Sewing can provide patch sew-on services for you!  Bring in your uniform along with the patches you need attached and let us know exactly where they need to go. 

Police Uniform Patches

If you are a police officer in need of uniform patch services, we are able to help.  Many different places have their own requirements for police officers and what is required for them to wear on their uniforms.  Please check with your city/state for more information and if you find that you need a specific patch attached, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

First Responder Patches

If you are a firefighter or first responder and need patches attached to your uniform, please contact Express Sewing!

Medical Uniform Patches

If you are working in the medical field and are required to have certain patches attached to your clothing or uniform, please visit Express Sewing so we can assist you! 

If you are studying in a medical program or at university or college where you are required to wear a uniform or scrubs, we can add necessary patches to them as well!

Boy/Girl Scout Patches

Looking for patches services for your child?  If your little one is in the Boy or Girl Scouts and needs some patches attached to their uniform, we provide these services as well. 

Patches for Other Kids Clubs

If your child is in the Little League or any other club which requires them to have a patch or two on their uniform, we can help.  Make sure you have the patch ready along with the clothing or uniform it needs to go on and bring it to Express Sewing. 

Company Uniform Patches

If you are an employer and require your employees to wear uniforms with specific patches attached, we can help.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Express Sewing for more information. 

Whether you have two to three or over fifty uniforms that need patches, we can do it for you.  

Backpack/Purse/Bag Patches Services

Patches don’t have to be limited to clothing only!  Maybe you have a favorite bag that you want to decorate with your favorite patches.  Bring those in to us!

Patches Services at Express Sewing

If you are looking for a patch sew-on tailor, we can assist you whether you are in the military, serve as a firefighter, or police officer.  We’ve provided our patch sew-on services to employees, kids who are in the scouts, and other people who have a passion or interest and want to showcase it on their piece of clothing.  We’ve sewed on patches on uniforms, shirts, and coats. 

For professional patch services at Express Sewing, please schedule your appointment by choosing a day and time that works for you here.

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