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Alteration Services

Valentina has been in the sewing and alterations industry for over 30 years.  Her experience includes working with all sorts of clothing repair, fixing, enhancing and more.  She absolutely loves what she does! If you have a garments that you’ve had for a while and you’re not able to wear them because they need some “make it fit alterations”, please bring them over to Express Sewing!

sewing alterations

Before Valentina starts to work, she will let you know what she can do for you, so you don’t have to worry about the result.   It is important for you to come to the shop so that you can try on your clothes.  For example, pant alterations require measuring the pants on the person to know exactly how much to hem.  Sometimes, you will be asked to come in a few times, because Valentina always wants to make sure that the smallest changes she makes to a garment look their best on you before she continues.

Valentina’s experience also includes making all sorts of curtains, as well as fixing them and altering them to the specific size and design you want them to be. She has also made custom chair coverings for her customers and added special buttons and labels to Girl and Boy Scout uniforms.   From pants alterations, jean alterations, suit jacket alterations, a zipper fix or dress alterations, Valentina have experience in almost anything.


Affordable Prices

sewing alterationsValentina’s prices for the work that she does are completely reasonable and affordable.  Most of the time, clothing alterations prices depend on the amount of work they require.  She will always let you know ahead of time how much something will cost before she begins to work on your apparel.


Wedding Alterations

For bridal alterations, Valentina has experience in adding on sleeves, straps, sewing on a small top if the dress is too open, as well as providing bridesmaid dress alterations.   With dresses, everything is individual and unique.   Valentina does not sew wedding dresses, but she does offer wedding dress alterations.   Of course she have to see the dress to be able to tell you what can be done.

sewing alterations

If you have a wedding coming up and need some help, bring in your dress and Valentina will be able to tell you what alterations are needed to make it look its best!  sewing alterationsPlease come visit her at her shop.


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