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Get to Know the Seamstress at Express Sewing

Valentina Paliy is the owner of Express Sewing.  She is a wife to her husband Benjamin, and a mother of five children.  

“I had a love for custom sewing and alterations ever since I was a teenager. It is definitely hard work, but I enjoy it and it is very rewarding.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to make your own dresses, skirts and blouses from scratch.   I remember making my daughters’ dresses and skirts as they were growing up, which was also very special.  Now I am happy that I can bring my ability and talent to great use and offer my professional expertise to my customers”

Interest in Sewing and Alterations

Valentina Paliy Express SewingSince Valentina was 16 years old, her mother noticed her interest in custom sewing and clothing alterations and decided to put Valentina into sewing classes.  Even though in those times it was a luxury to be able to become a seamstress, Valentina’s dear mother sacrificed and paid for her to pursue her interest in alterations, clothes and design.  She learned all sorts of things from hemming clothes, making her own patterns from scratch, sewing dresses and skirts and using different kinds of sewing machines.  There were a few girls in Valentina’s class, but not all of them had the patience to continue with sewing, and she quickly learned that you have to really love this type of work to be able to become a professional seamstress.  Valentina has always loved sewing and designing clothes and continued her education until she was able to make her own projects with minimal help.  Since then, she has been in the field of sewing and professional alterations for over 30 years.  Valentina now continues with her expertise, running her local shop in Vancouver, WA. 

“In the last few years I have been working from home and this year decided to reopen my business outside the house to provide my services to a greater amount of people.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you fix or alter your favorite outfits”

Professional Alterations 

Valentina’s work is very broad at Express Sewing when it comes to alterations.  She has experience in many different kinds of tasks including hemming clothes such as pants, dresses, sleeves, and skirts, curtain sewing, upholstering chairs, sewing on badges and buttons, and much more!  She examines every single project to make sure she is able to provide her customers with the most professional service
before she begins working on it.

“Many people ask if I can complete the work fast and usually I am able to provide same day alterations. Everything depends on  on the difficulty of what is in front of me.  Even if I am not able to finish right away, I complete all of the work in a very reasonable time.”

Please refer to the contact page to see the shop hours and location.

Come and visit Valentina at Express Sewing, where you will receive the most professional alterations in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas.